Creating value together!

Be it foundations, companies or individuals. Together we support the talents of the future

Improve Systems - Not Symptoms


Collaboration with foundations, companies and other NGOs plays a major role for ApplicAid.

We do not view the problem as a single causal principle, but as a system.

A multi-stakeholder process is needed to make the scholarship system sustainable and promote equal opportunities in education.

Creating a "Win-Win-Win" situation


Through our cooperations we want to increase the collective impact and offer our target group the greatest possible benefit. 
Our cooperation is characterized by the fact that we conscientiously want to achieve a win-win-win situation in which our partner, our target group and we can generate the best possible outcome.

What makes us special


In less than 2 years we have achieved great success so far and have built up our structure in such a way that we can quickly expand into new places!
Users from over 20 different countries have registered with us so far, which reflects the level of interest worldwide!


Not only does our team operate from 4 different countries, but there are also over 20 different nations represented in our "Applicator Network". In this way we promote international exchange among each other and launch the message of our partners beyond their own national borders!


Since we are a virtual team, we are able to realize new ideas and pilot projects faster, more flexible and more cost-saving. 
We use the latest technologies for online collaboration and team management to stay agile and efficient!


We always allocate our resources based on evidence and collect as many data points as possible. 
Thus we guarantee an excellent quality of our work and always measure our generated impact!

Our Values

Impact Driven

Through our work, we want to achieve a long-term effect that generates impact in various areas! We make society more inclusive and diverse and build bridges for future generations.

People First

We always follow the "People First" principle and put the benefit of our community first. 
People always come first at ApplicAid!


We don't wait years to initiate changes, but regularly launch new pilots, evaluate them quickly and implement them dynamically into our existing projects..

Together we can shape the society of the future by supporting the talents of today!

ApplicAid has been working with these organisations since its launch


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